Rina is a Saudi brand established in 2008 as part of the renowned fashion retail group Al-Abdul Karim, a leading player in the Middle East retail scene.
The essence of Rina's brand is rooted in femininity, trendy values, and softness, all blending seamlessly with its timeless and contemporary style. Every design under Rina's label is meticulously crafted by a highly skilled and experienced design team.

In-Our Vision

We are committed to enhancing international expansion through franchising and our own network of stores.

Our Mission

We prioritize product uniqueness and innovation while maintaining quality standards and offering unique designs at affordable prices.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction and respect, along with providing unique innovative designs while maintaining quality standards and offering distinguished service, are our priorities.

Discover the new "Rina Teen" line, tailored specifically for teenagers. Our unique designs resonate with the dynamic lifestyle of youth, prioritizing comfort and style. Targeting innovative and vibrant young individuals, our collection offers diverse expressive options to suit various tastes and occasions.Discover the collection

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